Congratulations to the graduates of the 2021 Scripture Study Class lead by our very own, Rita!

2021 Class members: Buzzy and Caroline Lawler, Walker and Cassandra Bland, Mike and Shelly Anderson, Sue Holt, Beverly Bryant, Phyllis Booth, Francis Pope, Connie Hom, Janet Stern, Debbie Boisseau, Kathleen Sullivan, Rose Costanzo, Katherine Crowl, Rosemary Overton, Karen Carter, Barbara Bruchart, Monique Moody, Ellen Edwards, Kathleen Berry, Marie Masse’, Jane DeBernardo, Donna Gorman, Eddie Gorman, Natasha Rivera,  Sylvia Ohree, Tinika McIntosh-Amouzouzi.

Karen Carter had special cookies made for each person embossed with their name, rosary beads, and “God Bless You.” The guests received a keepsake elegant rose gold tableware with “Bless Your” tags. Connie Hom with Buckingham Greenery donated all flowers as gifts for the students to plant at home. Deacon Chris passed out certificates. Father Jim gave a blessing for the class. The class thanks Monique Moody who organized the celebration.

Door prize winners were: Caroline, Ellen, most enthusiastic winner-Debbie, Marie, Kathleen, Jane,  Mike, Rose and Rosemary.

This was the seventh year for the St. Elizabeth Scripture Class. Due to Covid, in person class stopped in March 2020 and resumed in September 2020 over Zoom. The transition was easier for some than others, but everyone preserved and learned together.

Rita shared the important lessons shared in the reading the Book Of Acts. In the Book Of Acts, they learned the reason why the church exists, how the Holy Spirit helps us to fulfil the church’s mission of spreading the Gospel and making disciplines of all nations, as Jesus directed before He ascended into heaven. The class focused on Paul’s conversion, his missionary journeys, trails, tribulations and triumphs as he spread the Gospel of Jesus. In Romans, Paul tells us how to start living out our lives as children of God by dying to our old way of life and having renewed minds. Next year, the Scripture class will study 1st and 2nd Corinthians and the Psalms.

You are welcome to join the 2022 Bible Class. The class will September-May on Tuesdays with morning and evening classes. Prerequisite for new members is 3-4 sessions on introduction to the Bible. Both are lead by Rita who does an excellent job presenting source materials and leading the discussion. Details about the next session will be announced later.