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Over the years, The St. Elizabeth Parish staff has evolved into an experienced, enthusiastic group of dedicated individuals. A can-do spirit is what brings us together, God’s love is what holds us together. Below you’ll find the contact information for our dedicated, hard-working staff. Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can best serve you.


Rev. James M. Arsenault
Rev. James M. ArsenaultPastor
(804) 329-4599 EX:11 | jarsenault@stelizcc.org
Dea. Chris Barrett
Dea. Chris BarrettDeacon
(804) 266-3596 | cbarrett@stelizcc.org
Sr. Tiberh Hagos
Sr. Tiberh HagosDirector of Human Concerns
(804) 329-4599 EX:18 | srthagos@stelizcc.org
Liz Wiznerowicz
Liz WiznerowiczChildren's Religious Education
(804) 329-4599 EX:16 | lizwiz@stelizcc.org
Connie HomLiturgy Ministry Coordinator
(804)402-2405 | connie@buckinghamgreenery.com
Mary Rose Purcell Office Receptionist
(804) 329-4599 EX:10 | mpurcell@stelizcc.org
Cheryl Rosser
Cheryl RosserParish Accountant
(804) 329-4599 EX:13 | rosseraccts@gmail.com
George Strother
George StrotherWeb Communications
(804) 329-4599 EX:12 | gstrother@stelizcc.org
Roger Pryor
Roger PryorMaintenance
(804) 329-4599 EX:10 | rpryor@stelizcc.org

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