St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, located in the Highland Park area of the City of Richmond, Virginia, will celebrate our Centennial Anniversary in 2023. Bishop Knestout will celebrate mass on November 20, 2022 and kick off Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church Centennial Year. We will conclude with a celebration on Sunday November 19, 2023. In between, you will have plenty of opportunities to share the history of the parish and recognize the people involved over the past century. If your family has ties to St. Elizabeth parish, St. Elizabeth Catholic School, St. Joseph’s parish, and Van De Vyver School then you are who we will honor, remember, and celebrate. Please join us! Register online at Or contact the parish office by emailing or calling (804) 329-4599. If no one answers, you can leave a message with your information.

STEP 1: Join our Email List

Whether you were a parishioner, neighbor, student, staff, or visitor, you are invited to be a part of our Centennial. We will share updates and events through email and the parish bulletin. To receive our updates via email, register online at Also, you can contact the parish office by emailing the parish office at or calling (804) 329-4599. If no one answers, you can leave a message with your name and contact information.

STEP 2: Share your photos

Do you have photos or newspaper clippings of St. Elizabeth over the past 100 years? This includes first communion, May procession, Christmas Masses, weddings, Jazz Festivals, social functions, class photos from the schools, etc. We may be able to use your pictures for our programs, social media, and events. If you can, scan the photos or articles. Email the scans to the parish office at Be sure to include your name and contact information. If you can, write about the photo. If you can not scan the pictures, contact the parish office by email or calling (804) 329-4599.  A parish staff member will help you scan your photos.

Image newspaper clipping of three women making pasta

STEP 3: Join the Planning Committee

Bishop Knestout will celebrate mass on November 20, 2022 to kick off Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church Centennial Year. The Centennial Committee is planning monthly events, activities and programs throughout the year. We need your help with marketing, outreach and events. Contact Connie Hom: text or call 804-402-2405 or email at

STEP 4: Purchase Ad in Commemorative Booklet

We thrive as a beacon of hope and faith in the City of Richmond, and would greatly appreciate your support as a sponsor in our 100th Anniversary Commemorative Book.
Full page $ 1,000 • Half page $ 500 • Quarter page $ 250 • Two-line donor sponsorship message $100 • Single-line donor name listing $25
To purchase your ad, call the parish office at 804-329-4599 or e-mail Eva at

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church in Richmond is celebrating 100 years as a parish. We have been blessed to be a beacon of hope on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Victor Street during good times and bad, war and peace, and in a time of great change for our Nation and our Church. Throughout all that has happened, St. Elizabeth has also changed with the times. I believe this witness of change is important as we celebrate our Catholic sacraments and traditions. We are also pleased to embrace an ecumenical mission to be good neighbors. We invite you to join us in this celebration and consider investing in a 100th anniversary program ad to support these efforts into the future! Sincerely Yours in Blessings,
Fr. Jim Arsenault
Pastor of St. Elizabeth

You can see a flyer explaining the different sponsor levels. Click this link to download the flyer listing sponsorship packages.

When you are ready to purchase your sponsorship, click this link to download the order form.